Posti WMS

Posti Warehouse Integration

Posti WMS integration is part of Posti’s Supply Chain Solution interfaces. Posti Supply Chain Solution supports several supply chain business models

Warehouse fulfillment means principals 3PL warehouse service including all warehouse work for inbound, outbound and warehouse processing with additional services. Drop shipping means order delivery directly from supplier’s warehouse to end customer. See more “Tutorial: Getting started with drop shipping for webshops or suppliers”. Click & collect means order delivery and receival from principal’s store. See more This description is for warehouse integration.

Warehouse Integration Processes

Master Data

Product data is the master data of warehouse process. InItemMaster is used in the warehouse to identify uniquely each principal’s product in a warehouse and to input logistic information to warehouse such as measures which are used to optimize logistic processes inside a warehouse. Product identification is the key that will be used both when goods are coming in to a warehouse and when they are picked from a warehouse as defined in a sales order row data.

Purchase Order

Purchase order processing has two interfaces. InPurchaseOrder initiates warehouse inbound process. All goods coming in must be verified against a purchase order. If purchase order doesn’t exist warehouse will do purchase order manually depending on the service agreement with a principal. Processed purchase orders are confirmed with OutReceiptConfirmation message.

Sales Order

Sales order processing has two alternative input interfaces and three output interfaces. InSalesOrder is a sales order used only in warehouse orders. Order API is an interface that can be used both for warehouse and drop shipping orders (see Tutorial: Drop shipping for webshops or suppliers). Sales order processing in a warehouse is confirmed with

Return Order

Return order processing has two interfaces. InReturnOrder is recommended if principal can send return order to warehouse before return arrives there. Return order would make return processing more efficient because otherwise return order must be created manually to warehouse system based on the information in returned batch.Information about returned goods are send to principal using OutReturnConfirmation.

Stock Keeping

Stock keeping messages are used to send information about inventory changes to a principal. Stock keeping messages are

Interface group Interface purpose Developer guide Field list XML-schema XML-sample
Master data Item data to warehouse Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Item data from warehouse Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Purchase order processing Purchase order Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Receipt confirmation Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Sales order processing Sales order Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Delivery confirmation Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Sales order confirmation Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Online integration for B2C-like orders GLUE Order API GLUE Order API
Return order processing Return order Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Return confirmation Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Inventory Stock adjustment inventory Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Stock balance inventory Doc Excel Xsd Xml
Stock movement inventory Doc Excel Xsd Xml