Tracking API

Track the events of your shipments

Tracking API provides you with tracking access to Posti shipment information. The API covers freight, parcel and signed letter shipments.

The API has two ways of using.

  1. Public way where you can search any Posti shipments by tracking code, however the response data is much more limited in this case. Refer to role "public" in model description for exact fields.
  2. Normal way where you can search only shipments that have been sent by you. The criteria that identifies this is the posti contract ID. With this interface we provide you more extensive information about the shipment. Refer to role "external" in model description for exact fields.

To get access to the API, please refer to OAuth setup and information. When asking for credentials to be created please inform whether you would like to get public, or normal access to the API.

Event code descriptions are available in a separate JSON document.

Note: API is subject to change. The structure will not change but eg. new fields can be added. Please take this to account in the implementation.