Tutorial: Getting Started with Drop Shipping for Suppliers

Start using Posti API for your shipping

StoreShipping example


In order to get started with Posti services, please receive credentials for your business from Posti for the authorized access. Please refer to the Authentication API for the detailed description of the process.

Getting Started

Drop Shipping overview

You can integrate your system with Posti API in order to use our warehousing and shipping services. You will be able to store product information and availability in virtual warehouses. Posti also provides functionality to receive tracking codes and print parcel labels for your shipping parcels.

Store your products to a webshop specific virtual warehouse

When you have agreed with a webshop that it will start retailing your products they will make a virtual warehouse for you. Virtual warehouse means one catalog. Then they will provide you with the id of the warehouse and their EDI-code (in Finland OVT). Now you are able to add your products to their warehouse with following method. Just make sure that you give their EDI-code (in Finland OVT) in url parameters and that the products have the given warehouse id in externalWarehouseId field. Refer to Products API for full fields description.

See example POST request from Products API description.

Updating products

Updating products is also done through the Products API with the same method as creating them. Product cannot be removed from the catalog, but you can set balance to zero. Typically this is done to prevent reusing the same product id for different products.

Retrieve shipments

Retrieve shipments from webstore by executing a GET request from Shipments API. Shipments are generated from webstore's orders and separate order lines can be routed to different warehouses based on warehouse specific stock balance and prioritization.
GET /v2/shipments?since_id=5a263bcb-bb3d-42bd-81eb-3af56d93c1b9

In this request Shipments API will return shipments that have arrived after the given id.

Register a package card for the shipment and receive a parcel label and update status

Once you've fetched the shipments to your warehouse system, warehouse will pick and collect requested items. To register and generate parcel label(s) and delivery note(s) please use:

After that you should start polling for generated documents. For more details please see Shipments API documentation

Update the shipment status through Shipments API

If you are not using webshop paid deliveries you should use your own transport order system and update the tracking code to shipment via Shipment API