Shipments V3 API

Manage your dropshipping shipments and generate parcel labels for them

This API is only used in dropshipping shipments see tutorial getting started with Drop Shipping for suppliers. Shipments API allows your to view your shipments generated from sales orders, add status information to shipments (and orders), register your shipments with Posti, retrieve tracking codes for them, and generate parcel labels for them. Typically you will first register your shipment, and receive a tracking code (or multiple tracking codes, in there is more than one parcel) as a response. From then on, you can use the received tracking code to keep track of your shipment's status during its handling, transportation and delivery.

If you act as a supplier for a separate retailer, you will first fetch the shipments generated from retailer's sales orders and then continue the process as described above. The status information you add to your shipments will also be linked to the original sales order, so the retailer will also be able to track the status of the shipments related to their orders.

As a final step, you would download the parcel label PDF from the provided URL, print it, attach it to your parcel, and hand it over to Posti for transportation. Then you would just wait for the parcel to be delivered, and use the tracking code to keep track of its status in the meanwhile.

As with other requests to the system, user must be authenticated as described in Posti Authentication API.